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Dark Spots in Tinsel Town part 1

mummies 2, originally uploaded by Boju.

One thing every visitor to Hollywood needs to know is this city doesn't exist and don't even think about going to the Hollywood sign. Yes, there is a city called Hollywood in north central Los Angeles, and yes Grauman's Chinese theater is there, but that's it. The real Hollywood is scattered throughout the thirty mile radius of Los Angeles.

If your of the gothic or horror sort like I am, or you love Halloween, your going to want to visit Hollywood's essential horror landmarks. It's going to take some driving, but let me tell you what's worth the drive.

1. Dapper Cadaver - okay, sure, I'm a little biased, but we're the only horror prop shop in Hollywood that welcomes the public. We've done blood and gore for most of the crime shows and horror shows of the last six years, and where else are you going to find stacks of body parts, shelves of specimen jars, and mummies hanging on a rack? check out and fo more photos and info. Open m-f 10-6. Open saturdays during septemeber and october for Halloween.

2. The CIA - Nothing like the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA in North Hollywood is part speak-easy, part underground venue, part freakshow museum. CIA actually stands for the California Institute of Abnormal Arts (I guess that last A is silent). See the Mummified Clown and the Feegee Mermaid! 11334 Burbank Blvd. Irregular Hours.

3. Necromance - A store that specializes in the beautiful side of the dead. Funeral memorabilia, jewelery made of dead animals, and vintage scientific charts. 7220 Melrose Ave

4. Hollywood Forever Cemetery - the most famous cemetery in LA with the most famous internees. A beautiful location.
6000 Santa Monica Blvd

5. Wacko - Occult books, bizarre toys, horror action figures, tiki statues and an outsider art gallery all under one roof. Also known as La Luz de Jesus and the Soap Factory.
4633 Hollywood Blvd

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